I’m Joseph Taylor

Welcome to my website! It serves as a place for me to document projects that I have worked on and provide information about myself.


About Me

I'm a fan of using technology to solve problems, through code, 3D printing, laser cutting and electronics.

I'm currently the Technical Manager at Arun Microelectronics, a company that specialises in the manufacture of ultra-high vacuum (UHV) measurement instruments and in-vacuum motion systems. I began working there in 2019 after graduating with a BSc (Hons) in Electronic Engineering from the University of Brighton. I work remotely and visit the office at least one day per month.

Outside of my regular employment, I enjoy working on technical projects, either by myself or with friends. Some recent things I've worked on are:

  • Custom 3D printed modified Apple AirTag - over 1,200 sold on Etsy
  • Instant 3D print quote generator - uses PHP and JS, with Ecwid as the cart/payment backend
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My Skills

A brief overview of my skills.

Technical Skills

I have knowledge in various programming languages and software tools, with a keen interest to learn more as projects require:
Bootstrap, cPanel/WHM, CSS, Docker, Fusion 360, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, PHP, PowerShell and Python, VBA.

Interpersonal Abilities

I'm able to convey information clearly to people with different technical skill levels, teamwork, and problem-solving capabilities. Adaptability in dynamic environments.

Language Skills

Fluent in English; foundational knowledge in German and Punjabi. I regularly use my English skills to create technical documentation and communicate with customers.

Additional Expertise

Diverse set of skills in project management, research, and industry-specific knowledge.

Side Projects

Projects that generate additional income.

This site allows individuals and businesses to upload a 3D model and generate a quote for 3D printing instantly.

To utilise my 3D printer farm while not printing parts for JTEE3D, I've developed a user-friendly system that takes an STL file upload as input, and outputs a quotation. The user is able to specify parameters such as colour and material, and can pay by credit card. Try it yourself here...

BBJT started as a result of my friend and I finding enjoyment in making websites for friends and family.

We started building websites over 15 years ago, steadily improving and teaching ourselves how to host websites for other people. Through word of mouth, we have designed and hosted multiple websites, and expanded our design skills to print media. Go to the website...

Sold over 1,200 custom-made products on Etsy, eBay and my own website under the JTEE3D brand.

I currently sell modified Apple AirTags to make them almost half of their original size, for use in wallets, purses, etc. Having sold over 1,200 units, I've learned a lot about the importance of efficient design for additive manufacture, international shipping challenges and supply management. Check out JTEE3D...


Write ups, photos and links to things I've worked on; that I can share.

image home lab
  • August 2023
PoE Powered NAS

To expand my off-site backup strategy, I situated a NAS in a location where only Ethernet is accessible (no mains power). I built a box that incorporates a 12V 65W PoE extractor and PoE switch, that allows me to power a Synology NAS and other PoE devices such as CCTV and LED lights.

image home lab
  • November 2022
Quiet Backup Server

A good friend of mine offered for me to host a PC at his to act as an off-site backup. I 3D printed a chassis to hold a small PC, PiKVM and HDD suspended in bungee cords to keep the noise to a minimum. I'm able to connect to the PC and PiKVM via Tailscale, which means my friend doesn't need to configure anything on his network. I also have a VPS I use with firewall rules setup to forward traffic through Tailscale, essentially giving the PC a static IP I have full control over.

image home lab
  • April 2022
Beginnings of a Home Lab

After running Ethernet almost everywhere, I connected it up to my "home lab panel", which includes a Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro, PoE switch (for the wireless APs) and a small i7 PC. It acts as a good test-bed for experimenting with different network configs.

image hardware modification
  • May 2021
Slim Apple AirTag

3D printed case for a disassembled Apple AirTag, using an off-the-shelf speaker. Initially made for myself, I listed it on Etsy as an experiment and I'm now at over 1,200 orders. I have made the 3D models free for anyone to download and modify.

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image pcb design
  • January 2021
Custom Electronics Kit

Dissatisfied with the electronics soldering kits available online, I designed a circuit for beginners to learn about basic electronic components and soldering, much like the Maplin soldering kits I built when I was younger. I plan to make the kit available for sale, with easy to understand documentation. I aim to design more soldering kits.

image custom pc
  • August 2020
SFF Sleeper Gaming PC

I took an HP ProDesk small form factor (SFF) PC, designed and 3D printed a mount for an Nvidea GTX 1060 GPU to fit (just) inside. I also upgraded the CPU cooler, chassis fans and power supply. I did modify the PSU to upgrade the fan and remove unused cables and connectors.

image vehicle modifications
  • April 2020
BMW Retrofit Cruise Control

After successfully installing cruise control in my car, my brother challenged me with adding it to his car. It was more involved and required removing the steering wheel, but I was successful.

image university
  • April 2019
AM Radio

For one of my university assignments, I designed an AM radio, selecting suitable components and winding the ferrite core with a calculated number of turns. I achieved 100% for this assignment.

image university
  • August 2018
Arduino Stepper Motor Controller

This assignment taught me the different types and operating principles of stepper motors. I designed a circuit that interfaced with an Arduino to switch between wave, full-step and half-step drive mode. The speed could also be controlled with a potentiometer.

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image vehicle modifications
  • July 2018
Retrofit Cruise Control

Frequently travelling between East Sussex and Essex, I decided to add cruise control to my Vauxhall Corsa. It involved replacing the indictor stalk and programming the ECU via the OBD II port.

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image university
  • April 2018
Robot Wars

In 2018, I worked in a group to compete in the University of Brighton's Robot Wars challenge. I adopted the role as leader and achieved a 100% mark on the assignment.

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image university
  • July 2017
Old School TTL Frequency Counter

Partnered with my friend Justin, we designed and built a frequency counter using mostly transistor-transistor logic (TTL) components.

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image university
  • May 2017
Obstacle Avoiding Robot

Partnered with my friend Justin, we programmed an Arduino to interface with a custom-built dual stepper motor driver board. For extra marks, we added environmental sensors and a display. We both achieved a 100% mark for this project.

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image electronics
  • March 2017

To save some money, I created my own USB cable for an APC UPS. I used an RJ50 to D-sub 9 cable, then a D-sub breakout board to expose the USB pins. I achieved this for less than the cost of an official APC cable.

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image university
  • November 2016
Variable Bench Power Supply

This assignment demonstrated the principles behind an AC to DC Power Supply, including different rectifier circuits, the relationship between different circuit components and load performance of the regulator circuit.

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